Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Breakfast Club- Kuwait

I have to admit that breakfast is my main meal in the day and I really cherish it.
I also respect all the breakfast places that serve breakfast with TASTE!
I was extremely looking forward for "The Breakfast Club" opening day! And let me tell you "It's totally worth it"!!

Any great restaurateur or seasoned diner can tell you that restaurant excellence avails itself in the details.
The service at The Breskfast Club is so attentive, the local Kuwaiti guys were sweet, helpful and know what they're doing.

Let's start with their menu! It focuses on the Kuwaiti version of breakfast ranging from eggs to crepes and not to forget the sandwiches!

As eggs Benedict's fan! I can say that I had one of the best eggs Ben in my life!! It's a must!
It was extremely yummy that I forgot to snap a pic!

if you are going on the weekends, don't forget to order " the weekend's hot chocolate" with a mix of cherries and berries topped with marshmallow! It's
mouth watering!

The breakfast Club is located in al fintas (exit 209) behind Crumbs, they don't do reservations. They open everyday from 5 am-3 pm and close on Tuesdays.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker accessorizing her look!

SJP was spotted leaving her NYC apt wearing bright blue tights, not only this but the star also dressed her super cute twin daughters with a matching blue coats.

Is this the new trend? your daughters are now part of your accessories?

The Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1

Ferrari has released the new special edition 599 GTB 60F1 to celebrate 60 years of winning races in the Formula. Its available for sale now. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

MILK- Hot Kinder

The newly opened restaurant in Kuwait " MILK" offers their Hot Cocoa in such an " ORIGINAL" way. A full cup of MIlk associated with chocolate cube that u just have to stir till its melted.
Truly amazing way to monitor the sweetness of your drink.

They have a very wide range of flavors!! It's a MUST!!

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