Monday, November 19, 2012

The Green Juice

It`s all started when i was reading this article about how celebrities are maintaining their figures nowadays. Which triggers the healthy person inside me. And YES i have so many people inside and all are well utilized!

It turned out to be the best thing to kick off your day with, has all the vitamins, minerals you need and most importantly it helps in increasing the metabolism and to forget the instant glow on your face.

Believe it or not! i have already started feeling the difference just after 3 days of using it.

What do you need?
- Juicer
- Fresh green ingredients.
Hence, i went to the supermarket the other day and bought all the required ingredients.

-Green Apple or Pineapple based on your preference.

How to do it?

It depends on how many cups do you need, if its for 2 cups you need the following:

-Ginger " 2inches"
-Kale  "1 bunch"
-Celery "3-4 stalks"
-Mint   "1 stalks", unless you like it spicy
-Lettuce "1 bunch"
-Green Apple or Pineapple- 1 fruit.

* Send everything through the juicer one by one, if the fruits are not cold stick your juice for 10 mins in the freezer to chill it down before you drink it.

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